It started as a simple jam session with Luis Arriaga on guitar and Gustavo Barba on drums. Then things clicked in the matter of minutes. Joining in a few days later was a guitarist and dear friend of Arriaga, David Ramirez.  Soon after Spring of 2021, Tony Valerio (YON T) was added. Fast forward to December of the same year, Nico Carrera (Nico Nico) was added as well. Throughout this time, this group has gone by the name of Vacants. 
Vacants play on contemporary indie themes while also stemming from 70’s psych and late 2000’s British indie.  This mixture explains their dewy sound that takes one through a voyage to untouched mind cavities; filling those nooks with dark and full tones. 

Tunes to come...
Photos by Marlena
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