Introducing Mazard, a Hardcore Punk band from the Chicago area.  Members include; Jake - Drums, Victor - Guitar, Kenny - Bass, and Michael on Vox. The band was formed in 2018 originally known as Scum, but later was later renamed as Mazard. The word Mazard stands for a “A fatal blow to the head”, it is also an uncommon word referring to a skull. The band's first show took place in the basement of another local band named ‘Backroom’ where the frontman, Michael took a pair of scissors and cut up his own torso, he then proceeded to smear peanut butter all over himself in homage to Iggy Pop. Since then Mazard has gone on to play many shows in the surrounding areas making a name for themselves. Recently they have released their first EP dubbed “Unforgivable Acts” featuring 5 songs, with the premise being them expressing their outrage to all of the despicable people in the world.
Check Mazards music here!
Photos by Valerie Loeblich
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