Photos by Marlena
Luis Arriaga (Luis Vercetti) under the primarly know alias FELTWELL, began his musical career in 2016 releasing lo-fi, vaporwave-pop, synth-psychedelic music on SoundCloud with harmless melodies to melt the ear. With each song experimenting and picking apart pieces of the likes of Saint Pepsi, Blank Banshee, and Macintosh Plus, he encapsulated the vaporwave sound into his own. Further as the years went on FELTWELL would begin to play guitar frequently more than the synth-heavy keys. First writing his pair of songs on the guitar for the band known as Vacants, he released his solo-debut single (Daytona) late summer of 2021. While working on multiple projects through in and through out, FELTWELL can only be stuck in the middle of something... or somewhere.
Check out his music here!
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